Mom – Mary Kate

Meet Mary Kate, Chief Content Officer at PureWow and Mom to Jackson, Charlie and Ruby.

How are you working?

 At first, I was band-aid working. I didn't have a home office set up, I was using my dresser top as a makeshift standing desk to mimic the one in my NYC office, I kept making dates for wine with colleagues and friends in Manhattan. When it really sunk in that being at home was going to be the new normal, I dragged a sweet white desk into my bedroom and placed it right in front of a wall of windows. I had my son Charlie color in a Keith Haring print out. I carved out a place for work in our chaotic house and it has made all the difference. Plus, facing a window makes for a great face on zoom calls!
What are you learning
I'm learning it's okay to take time for yourself. I go to bed earlier than ever now. I don't answer emails like I used to at midnight (and beyond). I'm learning that I love uplifting news stories and that I can only take so much of the tough, scary stuff and that's okay. I'm also learning Melissa Wood is addictive, books are better than wine before bed, and Below Deck is some of our generation's greatest television. 
What are you teaching?
Baking, patience, and UNO to Jackson (8) and Charlie (5) and "sit" to Ruby (3 months, our quarantine addition).

What are you making?

I am ordering and framing tons of photos. Remembering all our favorite vacations and plotting new ones.

How are you staying inspired?

I love everyone who is helping right now. I love all my meetings when people genuinely ask each other how they are doing.

What do you find comforting?

When my sister-in-law Ashley drops off a freshly-baked loaf of bread. And wine.

What are you wearing?

FV of course! And lots of Le Labo "Santal," still. In a house of 3 boys, it's important to still smell good.

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