As a fashion company, we are hyper-aware of our industry’s impact on the planet and we are committed to responsibly producing well-crafted, timeless pieces for you to wear (and wear, and wear), then pass down for generations.

How do we walk the walk? We work with factories to produce small batches of quality items, implement more sustainable manufacturing and responsible waste strategies, and constantly strive towards a smaller carbon footprint.

Just like it takes time to create a dress you’ll host a lifetime of parties in, it takes time to become 100% sustainable. In the spirit of progress, here are a few of the steps we’re taking to get there:

Frances Valentine is part of a large community of conscious brands that fund the recovery of plastic through a partnership with Cleanhub. Cleanhub has built a platform to match brands with plastic collection companies in areas where contributions have the biggest impact. Frances Valentine has been matched with an organization in Southern India that organizes door-to-door waste collection services, which provides communities with access to waste management for the first time. This service prevents them from disposing of their waste into the oceans and educates them about how to deal with waste in a sustainable way. In addition, it provides positive opportunities for their employees as many are able to achieve financial stability and to provide their children with an education for the first time. This is a great bonus as this program impacts the environment and simultaneously promotes beneficial social change. Since April 2021, for every order placed with Frances Valentine, we have made a donation to this program via Cleanhub and we have helped to keep over 39,906 lbs of plastic from entering the Ocean, which is equal to about 2 million plastic water bottles. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cleanhub as we continue to strive towards our sustainability goals. 

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