Mom – Paula Faris

Meet Paula, author, journalist, wife, question-asker, and Mom to Caroline, JJ and Landon
How have you been working?
I've been working remotely for over a month. This pandemic is going to revolutionize the way we all do life and work. From a broadcast perspective, I never thought we'd be going live from our homes via Skype! My professional lighting right now consists of the two lamps on my nightstand! 
What are you learning?
I'm learning to give myself a lot of grace (I'm not a teacher and I'm DEFINITELY not a hair dresser). But, even more important, to give my kids a lot of grace. As uncomfortable as this moment is for us as adults, I can't imagine processing this as a child. So, when my kids are acting out, I try to remember this is unfamiliar for them, as well.  
What are you teaching?
I'll be honest, homeschooling has been difficult. This isn't my lane. And, I'm not the most patient person, either. Also, how is it that my kindergartner has the MOST homework of all? Rather than stress about the work, I try to re-shift the focus to teaching them life skills: making their bed, doing their laundry, making dinner, cleaning the house, gathering supplies for those in need. Those lessons will help them to be a better HUMAN, which I'm more concerned with. Grades come and go. Character doesn't. I'm more interested in WHO they're going to be, not WHAT they're going to be. 
What are you making?
Lots of Taco Tuesdays...I mean, Taco Tuesday is happening on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! Trying to support local restaurants, as well. So, we're ordering out. And, since we're having Family Movie Night just about every night, we're making popcorn (with loads of butter) on the stove. This is how my mom always made it. And, how her mom always made it. It's also one of the few things I'm proficient at in the kitchen. 

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How are you staying inspired?

I'm staying inspired by staying connected to my close friends. Of the five senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), touch is the one we're being deprived of, right now. We're all missing that physical connection. That's why it's so important to stay connected in any way possible. Weekly Zoom or FaceTime calls with my family, my college girlfriends, my NY girlfriends--this keeps me inspired. Because it reminds me that we're ALL in this thing together.

What do you find comforting?

Sweatshirts, slippers and coffee. My family!

What are you wearing?

I'm wearing the same pair of ripped black jeans with a t-shirt when working. Otherwise, comfy pants, a hooded sweatshirt and fuzzy socks.

Most challenging part of social distancing?

My 80-year-old mother is in Michigan and just getting over pneumonia. Being immunocompromised means I'm not able to be with her, not able to hug her. And, that's been the most challenging aspect. I miss her. And, I'm very concerned for her health. It's a helpless feeling knowing the best thing I can do is keep my distance from her, right now.

Most surprising thing you discovered during quarantine?

It's been a reminder that despite the loss we're all feeling and the sense of misplaced identity, the most important vocation I'm called to is being a mom to my three children. It is THE most difficult vocation, yet the most honorable.

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