The company was born of Kate’s irrepressibly joyous creative nature, and her desire to make, and keep making things, for the pure pleasure of doing it. Kate’s was one of those rare talents whose vision comes so wholly formed from her mind that it goes straight to our hearts, rich with subtext and feeling, strength and fragility, beauty and life.

Thoughtful and spirited designs that are built to reflect your mood.

Frances Valentine is a New York accessories brand founded by long-time friends and collaborators Kate & Andy Spade, and Elyce Arons. It is the design house that sustains Kate Valentine Spade's unique way of seeing. A trove of her works, her inspiration, her talent, her vision. With its spirited vintage-modern designs, Frances Valentine will continue to make accessories for women around the world.

"Frances Valentine is authentic, approachable and its own unique brand of cool." - Mickey Drexler