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For Mother's Day this year, we reached out to our mom friends and colleagues and asked them to share what they've been up to during these unusual times.

This rare moment has caused us to shift our priorities and has given us new perspectives on all aspects of life - work, socializing, motherhood, self care, self expression, etc. We thought it would be nice to share some of these new perspectives through those in our community.

Meet Nancy, artist, baker, and Mom to Dylan.

How are you working?

Well, it’s been a challenge! I’m sure all parents would agree! 8 years ago, I became a widow while I was expecting my daughter Dylan, which made me self-sufficient and more adaptable to unexpected situations. Even with this, home schooling a first grader on my own while working has been tough. Like all other working moms, I am just doing the best I can! I eventually found ways to include Dylan in my work to make things easier. When I need to paint, she paints a similar project alongside me. 

What are you learning?

How to have more patience! Teaching children is not in my wheelhouse. I understand so much better now how much tolerance and selflessness teachers have to do what they do. We are so grateful for them!

What are you teaching?

We have the upright piano that my sister and I grew up playing on, and I always thought it would be special for Dylan to enjoy it too one day. She helped label the piano notes and letters with painters tape and probably loved having permission to deface some furniture. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” was the first song I taught her, and she’s been playing it on repeat for weeks now. It’s probably time to change our tune!

What are you making?

We bake a lot, especially cakes and sugar cookies. Dylan is learning about fractions, and the kitchen is a great place to have “math class” at home. I actually don't love sweets, but I really enjoy making and sharing our creations with friends! Painting on iced sugar cookies is always fun, like the colorful ones I made with different Frances Valentine accessories. The sweet treats were little pieces of art!

How are you staying inspired?

Going on walks at the Houston Arboretum to see spring in full bloom has been very therapeutic and peaceful during this craziness. The colors in nature inspire a lot of my work. At the start of the stay-at-home order, we planted flower seeds in the front of our house, and now they are thriving so well that we can enjoy cut flowers inside too. Nurturing and watching things grow into something beautiful will always be inspiring.

What do you find comforting?

Knowing that everyone is going through this wild time together (but safely apart!) and that loved ones are healthy brings me comfort and peace. A good tequila cocktail always helps too!

What are you wearing?

Anything comfortable! I’ve been living in easy t-shirt dresses, caftans and flip flops at home. It will feel great to get dressed up and go out to dinner again. The new Clementine summer sandals have my name written all over them!

Nancy is wearing the Flower Cardi Coat, Peacock Caftan in Pink and Clementine Flower Sandals

Dylan is wearing the Katy's Favorite Things Tote

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