Mom – Betsy

For Mother's Day this year, we reached out to our mom friends and colleagues and asked them to share what they've been up to during these unusual times.

This rare moment has caused us to shift our priorities and has given us new perspectives on all aspects of life - work, socializing, motherhood, self care, self expression, etc. We thought it would be nice to share some of these new perspectives through those in our community.

Meet Betsy Seale, our Frances Valentine E-Commerce Director <3 and Mom to Lucia and Perry.

How are you working? 

My husband and I have set up offices in corners of our house. Our kids' classroom is set up at the kitchen table. It's amazing how quickly you can adapt to a totally different situation. I do miss the camaraderie of our team in the office a lot.

What are you making?
I've learned to make sourdough bread and feed my starter like many other thousands of people. :) My 10 year old got a sewing machine before the pandemic set in so I have sewn a few masks - it's been fun. My daughter loves art so we've been painting together. There is always some kind of craft project going on. 
What are you learning? 
I'm learning how to be more patient with kids and live in isolation. General Assembly has free classes on Fridays and I have taken a coding class. I've also been taking advantage of all the webinars involving eCommerce - there are so many! I'm also trying lots of new recipes.
What are you teaching?
First and Fourth Grade! My kids are on Google Classroom and their teachers put their assignments there.  At first they found it really fun and novel but just in the last week they have been missing teachers, friends, and just being with other people. It's definitely hard to teach your own kids!

What do you find inspiring?

Nature! I love watching all the flowers blooming, the trees getting their leaves, the birds chirping. I've never appreciated Springtime as much as I have this year! I've also found it inspiring to see people stepping up to help others. It's been so nice to see people connecting to provide relief to our frontline workers and also families that have lost loved ones. I'd like to continue to find ways to help others, even after this pandemic is over.

What do you find comforting?

I've been chatting with my friends and family and doing virtual workouts or cocktail hours. Neighborhood distanced happy hour is fun. It's been nice connecting more than we may have otherwise. My group texts and calls always lift my mood. Also, time with my kids puts things in perspective. There is more time now for movie nights, fort building, and games and I like that.

What are you wearing?

My new lace embroidered dress from FV is a favorite. It looks nice on zoom for virtual meetings and it is SO comfortable. I'm going to need the tops too! I like to get dressed for work each day because it makes me feel good and a bit more normal. I'm also wearing lots of button downs and sweaters (still waiting for warmer weather up here!).

Betsy is wearing the Embroidered Lace Dress in pink, the Embroidered Lace Dress in navy, and a vintage FV from our very first collection! The Pippa in yellow patent.

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