Elyce – The Bright Spots of Social Distancing

As we are all navigating through this discouraging time, we need to remind ourselves to try and find the silver lining.  We asked Elyce to share what she's been up to these last couple of weeks, how she's staying inspired and motivated, what she's doing to support the community, and what she's cooking for dinner.
How are you keeping things interesting?
Personally I have been taking the opportunity for spring cleaning every drawer and closet in my house and thinking about what I will plant in my vegetable garden this spring.  As a family to keep things fun, we have each taken turns making dinner each night and some nights we have a theme.  Last night was 80’s night and my daughters really went for it!
What have you been cooking? 
Tonight we are having my favorite recipe from NYT Cooking - Spicy Chickpea Stew. You can find the recipe here.
Also, my daughter Marni and I made Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies.  It is a recipe our friend Zonda gave us.  Completely vegan, but you would never know it.
What are you reading?
I just finished reading The Dearly Beloved, by Cara Wall.  Excellent book.  It makes you want to be a better person.
TV show binge recommendation?
Friday Night Lights - Marvelous Mrs Maisel - The Crown - Breaking Bad - Homeland - Downton Abby - Succession - Mad Men
What's been your favorite pastime?
A few years ago I started to do jigsaw puzzles.  I just love how it completely takes over your mind and you really only focus on the puzzle.  I just finished a 1000 piece New Yorker puzzle that I received for Christmas.  My daughter made me a puzzle of a family collage for my birthday, so that is all over the dining room table right now. 

What's the last thing that inspired you?
Other people inspire me every day. The people who work risking everything to help strangers everyday. Last week Anderson Cooper read a poem by an Irish poet that really hit your heart.

What have been the highlights of spending so much time with family? The frustrations?
The highlight is actually being together. I have three teenage daughters who all have very busy schedules. We would never have had this time to be together any other time. I am grateful to be preparing meals and having a family dinner together every night. What is frustrating? They are terrible housekeepers!

Have you started any new projects?
I am designing an outdoor dining table to seat 12 for our deck. I am no furniture designer, but know that we want a simple but beautiful, functional table that will last a long time.

Have you started any new rituals/ daily routines?
I have had to cook, clean and do laundry daily since the stay at home rule. I have been trying to go to the beach at least once a day to walk the dog, but the only thing I am doing differently is not putting on any make up!

How are you keeping sane/grounded?
One of my most favorite things every April/May is planning and planting my garden. I have expanded it so many years in a row, that we could practically live off all of the produce all year. There is nothing better than fresh tomatoes, basil and cucumbers right out of the garden.

What's your favorite part of the day these last few weeks?
Cocktail Hour! After that, it is definitely early in the morning watching the sun come up with a cup of coffee and The NY Times.

How are you supporting the community during this challenging time?
Locally I've been donating to Gen Youth and the East Hampton Food Pantry. Nationally our team is supporting Feeding America.