Mom – Dominga

Mom – Dominga

For Mother's Day this year, we reached out to our mom friends and colleagues and asked them to share what they've been up to during these unusual times.
The last couple of months have been wild and challenging and uncertain all in one. However, navigating this new normal is something we're experiencing all together, at the same time, for the first time. And despite a shared sense of discouragement at the news around the world, there has also been a shared sense of hopefulness and solidarity.
This rare moment has caused us to shift our priorities and has given us new perspectives on all aspects of life - work, socializing, motherhood, self care, self expression, etc. We thought it would be nice to share some of these new perspectives through those in our community.
Meet Dominga,  Director of Community at Arts & Letters Creative Co., founder of Les Sardines Studio, mom to Poppy Clementine & Wren Darling, and craft extraordinaire. 

How are you working?

I am WFH with two toddlers and a firefighter husband, needless to say it’s crazy! I am doing my best to distract the kids while I hide to take meetings. My hiding place keeps changing, there was a week where my office was my tub but they eventually found me. It’s a new reality we are learning to adapt to.

What are you learning?

PATIENCE. Whoa, this is a big one and I feel like every parent’s limits have been pushed further than they ever dreamed they could go. Another big one is the beauty of being in the moment, every moment. Every day is unpredictable. I have learned that I need to just be in the day I am in and not try to plan too far ahead. Which I hope doesn’t change much after all of this.

What are you teaching?

My girls and I have always crafted, particularly my oldest and I. We have a routine of getting up very early in the morning and starting our day doing a craft or art. It’s my favorite part of the day. I started an Instagram channel sharing our crafts and how we do them. The response has been really great! The messages I get from mothers make me cry on the reg! I love it so much. I try to do crafts that make sense for what we all have handy right now, but after this we are gonna go nuts!  @lessardinesstudio

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