In April 2021 Frances Valentine partnered with Cleanhub, a company dedicated to free the planet from plastic pollution, while offering solutions for brands to have verifiable environmental impact. Cleanhub works in global partnerships to recover plastic waste from the natural environment, while its traceability technology keeps account of the person, quantity, quality and location of all activities.


Cleanhub has built a platform to match brands with plastic collection companies and NGOs in areas where contributions have the biggest impact. All Cleanhub partners use their app to record the collected volumes. They verify that your purchase leads to the collection of plastic and they maximize the impact of our investment. For every order placed with Frances Valentine we donate .15 toward collection and recycling of ocean plastic.


Through Cleanhub we have partnered with Green Worms, a company that organizes door-to-door waste services across southern India with the help of women self-help groups.


Green Worms collects the household waste in more than 50 municipalities across South-India - and at the same time provides income to more than 300 people. These efforts have already led to the collection and recycling of 27,000 tons of household waste. With support of retailers like us, Green Worms wants to grow the model to more locations and island communities in the Indian territory.  


“While plastic pollution is a complex problem it roots back to one specific cause: Most plastic waste is not valuable enough to be collected. Collecting, sorting, transporting and treating plastic waste is expensive. Virgin plastic is often the cheaper option. We need to give plastic waste enough value that organizations around the world are incentivized to collect plastic.” Joel Tasche, Founder of Cleanhub

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