Palm Springs With Kelly Golightly

While shooting our Spring 2020 Campaign in California, we met up with Palm Springs Style maven Kelly Golightly. She gave us a tour of her home, tips on her favorite places in town, and talked personal style. 

When did you move to Palm Springs?

We fell in love with Palm Springs on a cross-country road trip in 2010. We bought our first house in Palm Springs in 2012.

What brought you here?

Kelly Wearstler! I’m a huge fan of the interior designer, so my husband (Fred Baby) surprised me with a stay at The Viceroy (now called The Avalaon) that Wearstler designed. What was supposed to be one night, turned into three nights, turned into three weeks turned into three months. Every time we hopped in the car to head up to San Francisco, where we had left all of our belongings in storage before heading out on a year-long trip around the world, I’d say, “Turn the car around, I can’t leave!” I felt like Palm Springs was pulling me to her. It was literally a love affair.

What are some of your favorite spots in town and why?

The Parker Palm Springs designed by Jonathan Adler. The design is so colorful and like Jonathan Adler’s brain come to life. Playful glamour at its best! Norma’s at The Parker is fun for drinks or a meal any time of day. The aforementioned Avalon – the design is so fun and I love sitting in the cabana in the back and taking in the mountain views. For vintage shopping, The Fine Art of Design can’t be beat.

How has the city influenced your style?

I feel like Palm Springs style IS my style. Colorful and classic but with a playful twist. Caftans all day. A nod to throwback glamour.

Now that you’re splitting your time between Palm Spring and Austin, does your style differ between the two cities?

Yes and no. It’s been colder in Austin so less caftans so far, but the upside is I get to wear more coats! In both cities, I’m still reaching for my colorful pieces to add a little sunshine wherever I go.

What are your most prized wardrobe pieces and why?

Almost every vintage piece and every caftan. Those pieces have so much soul. I’m also honored to have one of the Katy cardigans. I had admired that piece from a vintage photo of Kate and Andy, so to have a reproduction of it is truly special.

What are you go-to rules when putting together an outfit?

It must FEEL good. If it doesn’t feel good, you won’t look good. And to feel good, you must feel like yourself. That differs for every person and sometimes by the day, but for me, if I’m not in color or something with wit or charm, my day isn’t nearly as good.

When walking into your home, it’s obvious that it is a reflection of your style. How did you approach decorating your house? What are your favorite pieces ?

It probably comes as no surprise, but I am hugely influenced by color, charm, Audrey Hepburn, Palm Springs and 1960s glamour. And I have a huge love of vintage. So incorporating color and vintage to each room were top priorities. I adore the photographs of Audrey Hepburn that reside in the lounge which was designed by Grace Home, as well as the Tiffany blue walls. I also love the personality that wallpaper and art add to a space. The framed photos of the colorful doors of Palm Springs were snapped by my husband, photographer Fred Moser, and they make me smile every time I see them.

What are you reading right now?

Party of the Century: The Fabulous Story of Truman Capote and His Black and White Ball by Deborah Davis.

Martini or Margarita?

Both! A margarita (freshly squeezed lime + pure orange juice + tequila) on a hot sunny day. And, an ice cold potato vodka martini in the evening.

What’s your favorite way to relax?

Swanning in the pool…

Last question! What are you favorite pieces from the FV Spring Collection?

The Peacock caftans!
The wicker bags!
The Holly Satchel and Jackie bag – the candy colors are delicious!
The Amanda mules– that architectural heel is so clever!
The Circle slides – I’ll wear them everywhere with everything.
The Hayley woven bucket bag in pink and red – one of my all time favorite color combos.
And prints on prints, like with the Spring Blossom Coat + Peony Skirt