<em>In The Style Of</em> – Dominga

In The Style Of – Dominga

Meet Dominga, Founder of Les Sardines Studio and Mom to Poppy Clementine, Wren Darling and Cricket Rose. Take a look inside her colorful world of crafts, cooking, and cuteness! 

What does style mean to you? 
For me, it means never ending intrigue, never ending possibilities and never ending fun. A kaleidoscope of bright colors, bold floral patterns and quirky jewelry. A good friend,  once described my style as a parade stuffed inside of a piñata shaped like a seashell! I feel like that sums it up pretty perfectly. Ha!

What’s on your coffee table? 
With three small children running/crawling around coffee tables are non-existent in my house, they would quickly become diving boards or some other dare devil device. We do however have a kitchen table that is pretty much our center. The kids and I like to decorate it with different little vignettes. It’s been an unexpected creative outlet for them and I have loved watching it. They pick out fun little things they find around the house or in the yard, group them together, re-arrange it a few times and ultimately create something that reflects their personality. It usually consists of fresh flowers and candles put there by me, then a small toy animal or object, crystals or rocks and whatever craft we have made that week. 

What’s hanging on your wall? 
When people come into my house for the first time, they often ask if I run a pre-school. My walls are covered in my kid’s art. My oldest daughter, Poppy,  paints constantly and has for years. I can not keep enough paint and canvases in the house for her! I am biased, but I think her work is amazing, so it’s pretty much everywhere. 

What can’t you live without?
Art supplies. My favorite thing to do is to create and craft with my kids, it provides an opportunity to get messy and wild, to laugh and scream and ultimately create some really cool things.

What could you do without?
The television.

What’s the last book that you read?
Honestly, it’s Aarond Slater, Illustrator by Andrea Beaty.
It’s a kid’s book, but not just any kid’s book, it’s my all time favorite kid’s book and one that I think is beyond important. I can’t make it through this book without sobbing. It’s the story of a beautiful bright little boy who has dyslexia. He thinks in pictures. He stands out, he shines. When it’s time for him to go to school, he realizes he thinks differently and has a tough time. He intentionally loses his shine and tries to blend in. His teacher sees all the magic he possesses and shows him that his learning disability may inform who he is, but it does not define him. I can’t even write this without crying. IT IS AMAZING. It is also printed with a dyslexia-friendly font!

What’s the last song you listened to?
Harvest Moon by Neil Young

What’s the last interesting thing you saw?
We just stumbled upon this gallery where everything in it was upcycled from the coast. They had this outside area that was just full of mystical curious magic. Waves made from driftwood, flowers made from boat materials, windchimes from broken glass, all woven into actual flower gardens, ponds with white ducks and chicken coops. We definitely took our time going through it and can’t wait to go back.

Favorite Color?
Red, bright red.

Favorite dish?
Chili Rellenos

Favorite past time?
Cooking & Baking. I love complicated, time consuming recipes. Anything that takes 3 days, I am in.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe?
At the moment, it’s my vintage kelly green Mexican Tourist Jacket. I actually found a teeny one for Cricket too! EEK!

What brings you joy?
SO MANY THINGS. Right now, I am really obsessed with making homemade pasta. I love the process, I call it my therapy. There is something so soothing in kneading and rolling out the dough. I have been playing with naturally dyed pasta, making striped and polkadot pasta. I can’t wait to experiment more!

What are you wearing?
The Frances Valentine Saskia BlouseBliss DressClaire SkirtCloud Sandals, and Embroidered Flower Basket. – The kids are wear the new summer pieces from the Frances Valentine x Bella Bliss Collab!


How do your kids inspire you?
Their absolute freedom, the way their brains work. They are at the age where there are no lines to color in, there is no box to think outside of and there are no guardrails to stay within. It’s the wild wild west and it’s beautiful. They question everything, which can get exhausting, but it also makes me think about things differently. When they are creating art there is no overthinking anything, they just flow with it and see where it takes them. It inspires me to no end. I want to fiercely protect this state of mind for them as long as I can.

Best part about being a mom?
Hands down, it’s being able to be a kid again. Escaping the adult world and visiting the magic of childhood daily. Having the opportunity to get covered in paint or flour or mud. Laying in the yard and dreaming up stories about the worlds around us, having intense dance offs in the kitchen, jumping in puddles in the rain, racing eachother down the street, dogpiles, ALL OF THE THINGS. I don’t want to ever grow up. ( My mom will tell you I never did)

How would you describe your kids' personal style?
I asked them this question and I think they answered it best.

Poppy: Rock & Roll with a hint of cute.
Wren: It comes from my brain

What's the craft of the moment?
We love making pipe cleaner rings, box frame shrines, homemade air dry clay anything and everything, homemade chocolate bars, homemade gummies and our own crayons.

What are you looking forward to?
Summer, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. (sang that answer)




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