<em>In The Style Of</em> – Rose & Will

In The Style Of – Rose & Will

Art researcher Rose Dergan, and painter & sculptor Will Cotton, welcome us into their TribeCa loft and talk to us about style.

What does style mean to you?
R: Hopefully it reflects someone’s personality. I like the extremes-very elegant or really wild.

What’s hanging on your wall?

R & W: Works by Will Cotton, Andy Warhol, Tom Sachs and Cecily Brown; and on pedestals- sculptures by Linda Lighton and Brian Rochefort.

What can’t you live without?
R : Art
W: Pie

What could you do without?
W: I am doing without a car.

What’s the last book that you read?
R: Queer Formalism by William Simmons

What’s the last song you listened to?
R: Anything Goes by Cole Porter

What’s the last interesting thing you saw?
R: If you spend your days looking at art, you constantly see something interesting
W: Hans Holbein exhibition at the Morgan Library

Favorite color?
R: I love living with pink paintings and sculptures.
W: Scarlet red

Favorite dish?
R: Will and I cook a lot. My favorite is making variations on Vietnamese summer rolls- I like to fill them with curry rubbed catfish or flank steak, arugula, soba noodles and lots of herbs.
W: Île flottante

Favorite pastime?
R: Looking at art.
W: Going to the Met and looking at one painting for a long time.

Favorite piece in your wardrobe?
R: An enamel and diamond ring I inherited from my grandmother that belonged to Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria-monogrammed with an L, her initial. I wear it to parties I think she’d like to attend. Perhaps most memorable- When I was working at Sotheby’s, my first job, and barely eating because I was making close to minimum wage, a friend and I went to a Badgley Mishka sample sale at 9AM-straight from a very long, fun evening out. Still tipsy, I bought the most beautiful gold metallic evening gown that cost my month’s rent. I had absolutely nowhere to wear it, and I was shocked at myself the next day. Twenty-five years later I still wear the dress, it’s fabulous. I met a woman at a party in the same dress and she said she bought it to wear to the White House to meet Bill Clinton.

What brings you joy?
R: Will, and our kitties, Sugarplum and Marzipan, bring me joy daily.
W: Pie

What are you wearing?
R: The Frances Valentine Janis Shell Navy, Wool Pencil Skirt Pink, Flower Shrug French Blue, and the Sandy Slides in Platino
W: The Frances Valentine Lucky Cardigan and a collection of pieces from J Press

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