Heirloom Pieces

Heirloom Pieces

Growing up on our farm in Kansas, I was in awe of my mother’s
elegance and sense of style. A mother of four girls, an artist, a chef, a housewife and also a farm hand. I would watch, mesmerized, as she dressed for entertaining; the up-do, sparkly dangling earrings, a pink flowing chiffon dress paired with jeweled kitten heels. I can still
remember the scent of her French perfume and the sound of cocktail music playing throughout our home. My parents, with their relentless work ethic day in and day out, transformed in the evenings to this otherworldly chic and handsome couple. To my young eyes, it was a sight to behold and I dreamed of being just like her someday.

In addition to those priceless memories, my mother has given me many unique pieces to wear, cherish and pass on to my daughters. Heirlooms that have history, and are just waiting for their next adventure, party, dance or dinner.

Thankfully, after this long year, we can rejoice in being together again, sing and dance and most importantly - wear color!

We at Frances Valentine strive to create these types of one of a kind, heirloom investment pieces that inspire joy and wonderful memories (my mother is one of our best customers). We hope you will find something you love in these pages - something you may love enough to pass along to the girls who are dreaming of being just like you.

Happy Spring!

xo, Elyce

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