Elyce's Wardrobe Staple

Our founder, Elyce Arons, dons the Border Sweater and talks personal style.

What is it about the Border Sweater?

I love this sweater. I bought the original one in a vintage shop years ago and there is not a day I have worn it that I have not been asked, where I bought it. It is so toasty warm, lightweight and comfortable too.

What are your other wardrobe staples and why?

Many of my staples are Frances Valentine jewelry items, which I wear everyday. No matter what clothes you are wearing, they just dress up every outfit and make it feel special. I also love my original 501 Levi’s and a crisp white button down shirt. Sort of a go-to uniform.

As stylist of the FV shoots, what is your favorite part about the process?

I love mixing our new colorful pieces together with vintage items. Layering pieces always makes the outfit more interesting and the color we use in our products is so rich. It just makes me happy.

What elements of Katy’s style influenced you the most?

Everything she did influenced me. How she folded a towel was THE way to fold a towel. Katy was able to put things together that you wouldn’t think about putting together and it always just worked.

What does style mean to you?

Style is so personal. It is a way of being able to express yourself to the rest of the world. To give yourself permission to be the colorful person on the outside that you are on the inside. I think what you wear should make you happy in the end.

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