Elyce, Jane, Marni, & Katy

Meet FV founder Elyce Arons and her daughters Jane, Marni, and Katy. With Mother's day approaching, we thought it would be fun to have them stop by our NYC showroom to don their favorite pieces from the new Summer collection.
At FV, we hope to create pieces that not only inspire joy, but that are also timeless and made to pass down. With that in mind, we asked Elyce's daughters to tell us a little bit about their personal style, what they like about their Frances Valentine pieces, and how their mom inspires them.

What FV pieces are you wearing?

KatyThe Stephanie Tunic. This dress is the perfect combination of fitted and flow, which completely embodies my style. I love how the belt helps to accentuate the waist, while still being fun and unique (especially in Spring).

JaneThe Camilla Darling Cardigan, Knit Shell, and Claire Skirt. I love the colors in this outfit! Of course all the pieces, including the jewelry, are some of my favorite Frances Valentine pieces.

MarniThe Navy Peony Darling Cardigan and the Slip Dress. I love this slip dress because it fits so well and is just adorable!

If you could steal one item from your mom's closet, what would it be?

Katy – I would definitely steal my moms ripped Levi’s 501’s from the 80’s.

Jane – Her snake skin FV heels! ... And I do pretty much steal them every weekend!

Marni – If I could steal one thing from my moms closet it would probably be one of her beautiful vintage dresses!

Are there any pieces in your mom's wardrobe that you tie to certain memories?

Katy – I have so many fond memories of summer beach nights with my family, where my mom was always known for her pink and brown poncho. When we were really young, Jane and I would sit on her lap and we would all share the poncho together.

Jane – The bags that have the most significance to me are the ones from FVs first collections. They remind me of watching my mom build this business up from nothing. To me, they represent inspiration, possibility and perseverance.

Marni – I remember when I first tried on her shoes when I was about three. Looking back now, I can remember these big beautiful shiny red shoes I couldn't wait to borrow when I was older. Those shoes give me so many nostalgic memories just like every one of her magnificent pieces.

How would you describe your personal style?

Katy – My personal style is a combination of boho chic and business casual.

Jane – I guess.. basic. I try to be trendy but I wear pretty popular teen clothes. I’d say my favorite general look are clothes best suited to people’s body types. That’s why I love that Frances Valentine accommodates all sizes.

Marni – I would describe my style as a combination of more hippie and in more cool color tones.

How has your mom's style influenced your own?

Katy – I definitely see a lot of my moms styles reflected in my own. Her typical look of Levi’s 501s and a white tee, has inspired my wardrobe greatly. I love the timelessness of the classic look.

Jane – My mother has a timeless style that inspires me to not just wear what's trendy, but to shoot for the elegant, old fashion chic that only gets better with time.

Marni – I used to dislike my mom picking out my clothes when I was little, now I know what a positive impression it actually had on me. I borrow more and more of her clothes all the time.

In what ways are you inspired by your mom?

Katy – My Mom is the kindest and most patient person I have ever met.

Jane – Who wouldn't be inspired! She's a superhero.

Marni – That she does it all! Runs a company, takes care of our family and still takes time to laugh with us at the end of the day.