Mom, The Fashion Icon

This Mother’s Day we compiled a collection of FV staff moms' best style moments and the classics they were (or are still) sporting. Discover these stylish supernovas and their deep-rooted influence as we celebrate the women who encouraged our individual styles.

Alice – Design

"My mom has a comfortable but effortlessly Chic style! She influenced me to collect classic staples, always be yourself and have fun! – Here she is wearing a cashmere sweater over a striped long sleeve with a little black dress and T-Strap Mary Janes :) "

Sinclair – Social Media

"My mom has always been a fashion icon. Her wedding dress is one of my favorite looks of hers. I love the fur cuffs on her gown, they are so eccentric yet subtle. I love adding eccentric and over the top elements to my outfits while keeping the look "wearable". I think my mom is the blueprint for this. She often wears a cheetah print neck tie with her outfits, it's so fab! "

Flo – Marketing

"I've always admired my mom's unique and fearless sense of style. She marches to the beat of her own drum, both in life and what she wears, and that has definitely taught me to just wear what I Iove and find cool and to not chase trends."

Emily – Production

"A pop of color is something my mom never shies away from. She likes to be playful and bright with everything that she wears. This is something that has resonated with me and I always feel happier when I'm wearing a fun color - it's the easiest way to brighten up your day!"

Adam – Creative

"My grandmother knitted this classic crewneck sweater for my mom when she was a teenager. She still wears it to this day and one day it just may enter my closet!"

Thomas – Finance

"When I was a kid growing up in London in the early 70s, I thought my mother's style was awesome. Even though the sixties were over by then, I remember her wearing white platform boots and a brown mini skirt. In this pic she's wearing her work 'uniform' when she was a production assistant so it's a little more conservative than I remember her."

Ben – E-Commerce

"My Mom has been dressing cool for as long as I can remember! Going shopping for her has become one of my favorite things to do. She is the reason behind my love for prints and party pants!"

Christine – Retail

"My mom's style was simple, classic and she looked great in everything she wore.  Her accessories made the outfit even in a bathing suit."

Maggie – Creative

"Both being the only girl siblings, I think I take after my mom in her easy, tom-boy approach to style. You can’t go wrong with a classic button down and denim!"

Jessie – Production

"My mom's style makes me admire classic and well made pieces!"

James – Production

"My mom has always inspired me to dress my best, with navy and white truly being her favorite colors!"

Sarah – Retail

"My mom has always been on the go and ready for her next adventure! I love looking through her old travel photos and wish she still had those sunglasses. Love you mom!"

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