Inspiration – Showroom Artwork

Artists and titles from top left:

Rene Ricard – Untitled (Sailing Away), George Condo – The Mistress, Meg Franklin – Sleeper, Anna Gaskell – Untitled (Wonder Series), Rene Ricard – Untitled (As the island was hospital, they left it in ruins. When we got there it was covered in beer cans), Unknown – Untitled, Marianne Courville – After Easter, Natalie Hayes Hammond – Untitled (Portrait of a Women), Julian Schnabel – Jacqueline in a Blue Hat, Uwe Henneken – Chains of freedom, Jean-Philippe Delhomme – Untitled (Woman with earring), Genieve Figgis – People from the Village, Rene Ricard – Untitled ( “the best things you do before you wake up…”)


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