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The Style That Binds Us is a media company & style consulting agency founded by mother daughter duo, Alison Bruhn & Delia Folk who are on a mission to ensure everyone lives their most stylish & fearless life. Alison is a personal stylist and Delia formerly worked at Barneys on the buying team before pursuing The Style That Binds Us full-time.

You can listen to their podcast episode with FV Founder Elyce Arons here.

What does style mean to you?

Style is how you visually express who you are. It is your non-verbal communication to the world. You say so much without ever opening your mouth, so use this power to your advantage to control the message of how people perceive you. Style is how you personalize your look. Don’t forget that the world is your runway, where each day you have the opportunity to select a look that makes you feel confident and powerful. 

What was the catalyst that sparked working together?

Delia interned at Versace and worked at Barneys on the buying team. During college Delia decided she wanted to work in fashion, which was a completely new industry she didn’t know much about or many people who worked in it. Right before spring break is a busy time for college students preparing for midterms. Delia had 7 interviews in NYC over spring break interviewing for a summer internship & needed to prepare while juggling her studies. Alison offered to help study the history of some of the brands to gather crucial information Delia would need to prep for her interviews. This reignited her love of fashion, which led her to FIT where she got an Image Consulting certificate & learned the science behind dressing. Alison & Delia started separate blogs based on questions they were frequently asked that they later combined as mother & daughter to start their media company and consulting agency, The Style That Binds Us.  

Learn more in this video.

How do you inspire each other?

Alison: Delia encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. This can be scary, but exciting and confidence boosting, and serves as an example for the other women in my life, and The Style That Binds Us community. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Delia: I am inspired by my mother's bravery! She started a new career as a stylist at age 50 when most of her peers were starting to retire, and left Alabama where she had lived all her life to move to NYC at age 60. She also inspires me to be kind and slow down.

What’s on your coffee table?

“May I Come In?” by Wendy Goodman, “Dior Glamour” by Mark Shaw, “Vineyard Folk- Creative People and Places of Martha's Vineyard” by Tamara Weiss and Amanda Benchley (magical!; meet the authors in this podcast episode), and “Italian Chic” by Andrea Ferolla and Daria Reina. This gorgeous tome serves as my daily source of Style inspiration for home, fashion and life, a Baies Diptyque candle.

What’s hanging on your wall?

Delia: Art! Here’s a link to a tour of Delia’s apartment 

Alison: A Kate Moss collage by Andrew Cotton I found in Sag Harbor years ago, a painting by my mother who is an artist, and a portrait of my daughter that was painted when she was young.

What’s the last book that you read?

Delia: I’m reading Wonderful Tonight by Pattie Boyd.

Alison: The last book I adored was Lessons In Chemistry, currently I’m reading The Myth of Normal by Gabor Maté MD and his son Daniel about our health and society, and how what is “normal” is actually not and is making us sick. 

What is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

Delia: Black moto jacket, black Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps as well as my new FV green striped tee.

Alison: My FV wide leg Judy jeans!

What’s the last song you listened to?

Delia: The last song in my Spotify is “She’s A Bad Mama Jama” by Carl Carlton

Alison: “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

What’s the last interesting thing you saw?

Delia: We have been watching Suits and are obsessed! Also, we are loving the fashion in And Just Like That… Season 2. We also adored the Broadway plays Some Like It Hot and A Beautiful Noise

Alison: Hamlet at Shakespeare In The Park

Favorite dish?

Delia: Falafel Bowl from Banter

Alison: Yes! Banter makes the best falafel! I also love pretty much any pasta dish.

What can’t you live without?

Delia: My computer, iPhone, Lip gloss/lip balm, sunscreen, Li Organics skincare

Alison: family, Alo glow oil, Natura Bissé Diamond eye cream and my Chanel slingbacks!

Favorite pastime?

Delia: Reading, drinks/dinner with friends, dancing, playing guitar, listening to music, running, going on an adventure in NYC

Alison: losing myself in a small bookstore, people watching at a café, visiting favorite paintings at the Met on a quiet day, eating ice cream! Dining out at special places, travel, walking in Central Park

What brings you joy?

Delia: Art, music, dance, Broadway, the ballet, travel, delicious and healthy food, friends and family, learning, reading, helping someone else, giving back, finding my voice.

Alison: Working with my daughter! “Come From Away” on Broadway, “Serenade” at the New York City Ballet; dinner with friends; empowering all people to have confidence by using style to craft the message they want to send out into the world. I always say, “Life is short; celebrate everything!”

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