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Chardia Mason

Meet Chardia Mason, Store Manager of Frances Valentine Atlanta in Buckhead Village. Chardia brings years of experience in retail and merchandising to our Atlanta team, with a strong passion in mentoring young fashion professionals. If there is anyone that embodies FV team spirit, it is Chardia.

What does style mean to you?

An outward expression of one’s personality.  Self-expression through clothing has created several trends and classifications of clothing.  

What’s on your coffee table? 

My coffee table is filled with my favorite books that inspire me:  Chanel by Assouline, The Fashion Book by Phaidon (resource on the world of fashion and its creators), The Little Black Dress by Andre Leon Talley, The Art of Ruth E. Carter, American Music by Annie Leibovitz, The Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary book, Tiffany Timepieces by Loring and Henri Matisse. 

What’s hanging on your wall?

Photos of family, framed lyrics of favorite songs. Framed pictures of scenery from favorite vacations and wall section of motivational quotes.

What can’t you live without?

Streaming networks and the ability to binge watch a television series….You no longer have to wait several months to find out the resolution of a cliffhanger. 

What could you do without?

Fast fashion clothing that is meant to be discarded after a few uses perpetuates a wasteful mindset. Clothing that is timeless and fashionable that is produced in a sustainable manner is more appealing.  

What’s the last book that you read?

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.  

What’s the last song you listened to?

Flowers by Miley Cyrus. Her recent performance on The Grammy’s was very free spirited and fun. It’s a song of empowerment that I can’t get out of my head.  

Favorite piece in your wardrobe?

A 1970’s vintage coat from my mom’s closet with a (faux) fur lining and leather trim details.  I always feel cool wearing it and it feels like an item from Jennifer Lawrence’s American Hustle wardrobe.  

What’s the last interesting thing you saw? 

After a thunderstorm I had to do a double take upon seeing a double rainbow.  A beautiful sight that makes you stop and live in the moment.

What inspires you about Atlanta?

Atlanta is filled with opportunity and people move to this city to pursue their dreams. It has something for everyone from the entertainment industry, fashion, healthcare industry, real estate and so much more.

Favorite dish?

I’m from South Louisiana which is known for its unique style of cuisine.  Crawfish Etouffee and crawfish bisque are two of my favorites.  

Favorite pastime?

Dinner parties with friends and cooking Louisiana dishes.  Pilates is my favorite form of exercise and it’s good for the body.  I love going to concerts both indoor and outdoor.  My favorite concerts are nostalgic ones of 80’s artists.  Listening to purposeful podcasts.  I enjoy Jay Shetty’s messages of being intentional.  

What brings you joy?

My family and friends are my joy makers.  I recently spent time with my younger nieces and nephews and loved learning about their special talents and interests.  I also couldn’t resist spoiling them.   

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