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Caroline Vazzana

Meet Caroline Vazzana, fashion editor, stylist, influencer, and the author and founder of “Making it in Manhattan.” She began writing “Making it in Manhattan” back in 2015 while working at InStyle magazine, and subsequently launched her brand as one of New York City’s most colorful influencers. Sharing her tips & tricks and shedding light on the industry to the future fashion generation.

What does style mean to you?

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. It's the way I express myself each and every day. And it's also a way to easily cheer myself up even if I'm not having the best day. 

What’s on your coffee table?

New to my coffee table, I just got "Woman before Fashion" by Diane von Furstenberg and "Dressing the Part" by Hal Rubenstein.

What’s hanging on your wall?

I have a lot of fun photos hanging around my house, my current favorites though are these Andy Warhol cat prints I got at the Brooklyn Flea Market. 

What can’t you live without?

My family, my cats, and my husband Dave!

What could you do without?

Early mornings, I love to sleep in! 

What’s the last book that you read?

I haven't finished it yet, but I started "Little Book of New York Style" by Kristen Bateman and I am loving it!

What’s the last song you listened to?

Last Christmas by Wham, it's that time! I have holiday music on repeat! 

What’s the last interesting thing you saw?

I went to see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center last week. It was actually my first time ever going, and it was beautiful, highly recommended if you're visiting New York for the holidays. 

Favorite color?

I'd say pink or red. 

Favorite dish?

Probably pasta or pizza! 

Favorite pastime?

Spending time with family, going thrifting, or watching movies with my cats.

Favorite thing about NYC?

The art, the culture, that you can walk everywhere! There's so much to love about New York that it's hard to choose, but I just love walking around the streets and looking at what others are wearing, it brings me so much inspiration. 

Favorite piece in your wardrobe?

That's so hard to choose. I have a pair of blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisis that Dave (my husband) got me for my birthday the first year we were together and I love them so much. 

What brings you joy?

Exploring new places, trying new things, going to new restaurants. There's always something different and new to try and see and I love constantly exploring. 

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