About: Introduction


Frances Valentine was born of Kate’s irrepressibly joyous creative nature, and her desire to make, and keep making things, for the pure pleasure of doing it.

Kate connected with so many of us on such a deep level.

Starting with cardboard and paper and an idea, she showed us all, through her example, the joyful power that self-expression and creativity can have if we ignore doubt, critics and naysayers.

If we stay true to our own vision, our work, our friends. 

We believed in Kate because she did it, over and over, with such grace and kindness. 

We all loved her for it. 

The Founders

Frances Valentine was founded by long-time friends and collaborators Kate & Andy Spade, and Elyce Arons. With it’s spirited, vintage-modern designs, Frances Valentine works under the philosophy that creative people need to create. The company was born out of Kate’s desire to make beautiful designs. We at Frances Valentine will continue to honor Kate’s vision and design for women around the world.

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